Oracle Licensing

Oracle Licensing: The Right Package at the Right Price

“Avout understands Oracle Licensing terms, and I’ve found they get me the best price in the market, even for smaller quantity purchases.”

Howard Hansen, Senior Database Administrator, Follett Corporation

Oracle Corporation delivers world-class, best-of-breed technology—but it’s difficult to sort through licensing requirements and support costs to determine your total cost of ownership. Avout represents your best interests and helps you navigate the complexities of Oracle licensing so you end up with a right-sized solution.

Avout’s licensing experts have negotiated contracts for purchases as small as $750 and as large as $12.8 million, and we handle each transaction with the same care and attention to detail. We can help you:

  • Navigate through the thousands of products on Oracle’s pricelist to find the right combination for you.
  • Choose the proper edition and licensing strategy, so you’re not overbuying.
  • Identify unique circumstances that can be used to lobby Oracle for pricing discounts and concessions.
  • Solicit expert advice about which features and functionality you really need.
  • Understand licensing terms so you are compliant now and in the future.

Over more than a dozen years we have negotiated hundreds of contracts at varying levels of complexity that end in successful sales. How can we help you?

Download our whitepaper for a crash course on how Oracle handles licensing, what needs to be licensed, the circumstances under which licensing may change, and how to avoid shortfalls.

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