Executive Level Consulting

Put the Expertise of Top Industry CIOs on Your Team

Through our partnership with Pacific Crest Technology®, Avout advises C-level executives to help them successfully establish new offerings in lucrative markets. We bring in active CIOs with established names and track records of success growing world-class organizations through wise technology investments and decisions. In addition, Avout’s Executive Vice President of Strategy and Sales, Kerry Padrick, has personally helped two Fortune 150 companies launch and manage new business units for Cloud, IT Solutions and Consulting, and Business Outsourcing in the past two years.

In addition to executive consulting, we also have relationships with global delivery teams that specialize in these key verticals. We can help organizations choose and maximize the performance of outsourced and offshore providers for even great results. See first-hand testimonials about our advisory and delivery capabilities on Kerry’s LinkedIn page.

Industry Focus


In an industry marked by converging technologies and a host of mergers and acquisitions, IT departments are in a constant state of flux, and always looking for ways to build a better mousetrap. Our executive team has been responsible for delivering mission-critical projects to the communications industry for more than 15 years. We have worked with organizations both nationally and abroad and delivered hundreds of projects for several of the largest local exchange carriers in the U.S.

Freight Forwarding & Logistics

The efficiency of supply chains can make or break companies in today’s environment where businesses and consumers expect nothing less than immediacy. Timely response to customer demands is essential for you to maintain – and gain – market share. Our freight forwarding and logistics experts help you design, build and maintain systems that put you in control of the entire supply chain while reducing costs and increasing efficiencies. We can help you expedite processes, gain visibility into inventory and logistics, and transform your business to better serve global markets.

Banking & Financial Services

Companies in the banking and financial services industry are facing increasing competition, necessitating the need to drive new business while lowering operational costs. Our banking and financial services experts can help you implement technology solutions that streamline internal processes and engage clientele, showing them that you value them enough to do business their way.


The healthcare industry is facing significant pressure from all sides to improve processes and reporting through technology. Regulations like Meaningful Use and ICD-10, increased involvement of businesses and individuals in their healthcare choices, and the seemingly conflicting mandates to improve outcomes while lowering costs are making technology investments a necessity, not an option. Our healthcare experts can guide you in choosing the technology that’s right for you, then compile a team for your project execution.