Cloud Integration

Fusion bookAvout: At the Intersection Where On-Premise Meets Cloud

More and more companies are moving to the cloud for better economics and easier scalability, but the fact is that IT organizations will be operating between cloud and traditional, on-premise environments for years to come.

As Oracle builds out its cloud-based software application and infrastructure offerings, Avout is uniquely positioned to integrate cloud technology with on-premise systems to create a cohesive and efficient environment. In fact, we wrote the book on it. Avout’s Chris Ostrowski is the author of Oracle Fusion Applications Migration, published by Oracle Press.

Gain the Benefits of a Cloud-Based ERP

Oracle Cloud ERP is all about helping you play to your strengths, empower your organization, and maximize your business potential.

Cloud ERP Benefits :
• Lower upfront costs—up to 50%
• Rapid deployment
• Lower operating costs
• No maintenance or upgrades for your IT team
• Scalability
• Complete portfolio visibility
• Embedded collaborative, analytic, and social capabilities
• Improved accessibility, mobility, usability, and security

Avout’s Oracle experts can help you drive more revenue to your bottom line by seamlessly integrating cloud ERP into your environment.

Call us today to discover how, by moving to the cloud, you really can do more with less.

Join the Cloud

100% uptime, multi-layer security, and all the operational infrastructure you need to power your business. Sounds expensive, right? Not anymore. Join the thousands of companies that are taking advantage of cloud computing, a rent vs. own model that gives enterprises of all sizes access to enterprise-grade services and support.
Avout partners with some of the biggest and best cloud services providers, like OpSource and Amazon Web Services (AWS), to offer shared services and support that meet or exceed the standards of private infrastructures. Features include:

Complete Customization Configurable CRP, RAM, and Disk; customizable firewalls; VPN administration; internet-based storage; dedicated or shared servers.

Best-in-Class Security Dedicated VLAN segmentation; VPN server access; SAS 70 Type II Certification; customized ACL-based firewall rules; self-set NAT and VIP rules to expose your private IP addresses to the public internet.

Visibility & Control Audit logs and reporting; Web-based management of servers and networks; role-based permissions; application programming interfaces (APIs) to integrate into your applications.

Tailored Network Solutions VIP functions to support load balancing and port translation; export/import cloned server images; multicast; firewalls.