More Projects Than You Can Get To? Allow Us.

“We need someone who has done this before and brings in top-notch experts. With Avout, you give them the timeline and they simply get it done.”

Howard Schweitzer, CIO, VCA Antech


IT organizations face increasing pressure to provide sophisticated solutions in tight timeframes with limited resources and budgets. Avout has a track record of managing and delivering successful Oracle implementations and upgrades at a very competitive price, and our 2015 acquisition of Pacific Crest Technology® extended our reach to projects across technologies, industries, and geographies. We’ll help you identify, implement, and support a solution that streamlines operations and builds a dynamic competitive advantage to respond to today’s ever-changing marketplace. Our global project management office (PMO) is skilled in solution delivery, allowing you to accomplish the long list of business initiatives you are confronted with.

Why Avout?

  • Boutique is Better We believe smaller, quicker, and flexible is an advantage over large, bureaucratic, and rigid. Our nimbleness allows us to accommodate changes in scope and schedule with minimal paperwork and zero penalties.
  • Our Network is Vast Some of the top CIOs in telecom, banking, logistics, and healthcare are our consulting partners. We can bring everything from strategic level advisement to offshore fulfillment to make your project successful.
  • We Take Accountability Seriously We deliver, period. Which means we have no need for termination clauses. We’re confident enough in our capabilities to offer no-notice termination.
  • We’ll Be Around Avout’s executives have delivered hundreds of million of dollars in software projects and run business units for Oracle, Accenture, and Capgemini. Pacific Crest Technology® has delivered projects for 18 years and still retains its first customer, which has grown to be the third largest phone company in the US.
  • We Put Skin in the Game If you’re not successful, we’re not successful. Ask about our fixed-price, turnkey solutions and risk sharing arrangements.

Our Approach


Avout PCT pyramid

Our business model utilizes hand-picked Consulting Partners that bring current industry knowledge and subject matter expertise to each account. They are backed by a Project Management Office that is experienced in keeping A-Team boutique consulting firms aligned to deliver a best-of-breed solution. Our clients get the peace of mind of seasoned experts running their projects with the cost effectiveness and nimbleness of outsourced delivery teams, without compromising quality.

Interested in outsourcing? You’ve come to the right place. Call us today to discuss how we can help alleviate your project load.


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