Project Management

How Long Has it Been Since You Read the #PMBOK? The @Institute_of_PM 5th Edition Includes Stakeholder Management!

Hi, my name is Janet, and it’s been 11 years since my initial PMI certification. The PMBOK was in its second addition, with the third edition to be released in the coming months. I studied like crazy so I could Learn more

Are You Sailing in Unchartered Waters With Your Technology Project?

By Janet Dahmen Implementing the latest and greatest release of any technology can be like sailing into uncharted waters. Many leadership teams will push technology departments into implementing the latest and greatest technology as a way of hedging the technology Learn more

Seven Ways to Improve Your Luck In #ProjectManagement

By Janet Dahmen A project manager’s success cannot be attributed to getting lucky; there are just too many events in any given day to leave it up to chance, luck, karma, or even positive mojo. Spending the needed time to Learn more

Don’t Put Your Je Ne Sais Quoi at Risk

Recently I had coffee with a friend that I used to work with.  My friend is now in a mid-level management position with a group of technical developers working for him.   The company he works for relies very heavily on Learn more

ERP Management Series: Is Your Business Ripe Enough for Process Change?

Maturity is often used to measure a person’s level of responsibility, to gauge the ripeness of a fruit or the mellowness of a fine wine. In the business world, maturity can be used to measure how capable a management team Learn more

The Snowball Effect in Project Management

I know it’s March – but it’s still snowing in Chicago…. And as I watched the neighborhood kids build a snowman, I realized that project managers spend most of their day (even in the summer) trying to prevent the snowball Learn more